Polished concrete floors are ideal for a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial settings in Sydney. They are modern, beautiful, and quite durable. While concrete is robust on its own, it requires an additional coating to improve its function. Polished concrete is long-lasting and hardwearing, protecting your flooring from unneeded and preventable damage while maintaining a beautiful appearance.

Florux Epoxy Flooring combines the greatest products and services to provide Sydney with the best polished concrete. Our flooring products are entirely created in Australia, and our installation services are tailored to your needs. We provide a seamless service that works around your schedule to provide the least amount of inconvenience to your daily routine.

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Polished concrete floors are not only beautiful, but they are also long-lasting, robust, low-maintenance, and chemically resistant. These flooring also have a lot of practical advantages that will benefit your property for a long time. Polished concrete floors are also quick and easy to instal, chemical and spill resistant, and can provide great slip resistance. If you want to breathe new life into an old concrete floor, contact us immediately to have a polished concrete surface installed!

Polished concrete, of course, looks fantastic in a variety of settings. These shiny flooring will liven up any kitchen, living room, or dining room in the home, making them the ideal complement to a modern living space.

Polished concrete looks great in any commercial setting, whether it’s an office building, a warehouse, or a beauty salon. Finally, the practical and aesthetic benefits of a concrete polished floor can be enjoyed in industrial settings ranging from light manufacturing plants to heavy-duty manufacturing plants.

Polished concrete flooring is becoming increasingly popular in Sydney homes, businesses, and industries, and it’s easy to see why. It has several advantages to unpolished concrete, including:

  • It eliminates dust – An unpolished concrete floor expels and collects dust that is pushed to the surface. This can have a negative impact on your employees’ health and the hygiene of the building. Polished floors retain dust beneath the covering, and any dust on the floor is easy to sweep away without creating dust clouds.
  • It’s stain-resistant — Polished concrete’s surface is sealed, making it dense enough to repel water, oils, and chemicals, keeping them from penetrating.
  • It brightens the room — Because of its ability to reflect light, it keeps the room well-lit while reducing the need for artificial lighting. This saves money while also protecting the environment.
  • It’s Anti-slip — Materials can be added to your polished concrete floor to make it smooth but non-slip.
  • It requires less maintenance – Because it is sturdy and resilient, it is less likely to require repairs. Its smooth surface is simple to clean and, because it is seamless, it is simple to maintain clean, making it a great choice for kitchens and schools.
  • It’s long-lasting — Unlike unpolished concrete, it will remain strong and even under heavy foot and machine traffic. While unpolished concrete is durable, it can become worn over time, posing a health and safety risk.
  • It lasts a long time – Polished concrete can extend the life of your flooring and improve their functionality. It maintains its appearance for the duration of its life and suffers from less wear and tear.



It takes more than having the appropriate flooring goods or tried-and-true services to be an expert. It’s all about having the knowledge and adaptability to know exactly what’s required for any job. When it comes to concrete floor polishing in Sydney, Florux Epoxy Flooring has worked with a wide range of clients to deliver exceptional results on their schedule.

Polished concrete flooring in the home gives the space a modern feel, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Because we can blend different elements to give concrete distinct colours and textures, it’s frequently used as a marble or granite substitute. It is ideal for use with underfloor heating because it absorbs and holds heat more effectively. It may also store and recycle heat from the light shining through the windows, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout the house. It can also use this light to brighten the room, lowering your energy expenses, thanks to its reflecting qualities.

We can recommend and instal the best flooring option for you, with constant considerations to guarantee that the service you receive is personalised and suitable for your needs.


Whether you need polished floors for your Sydney business or want to renovate your home, we can help. We’ve been in the flooring business for decades and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have before selecting. 

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