Florux Epoxy Flooring provides high-quality, long-lasting concrete epoxy flooring solutions for every environment. Our experts take delight in offering 100% Australian-made concrete epoxy materials for a wide range of applications. We can collaborate closely with you to not only bring your surface to life, but also to guarantee that the process is smooth, stress-free, and unobtrusive to your daily routine at home or at work.

Epoxy floor coating is a terrific alternative for entirely transforming the look and performance of your concrete flooring, whether it’s for a commercial kitchen, a retail outlet, or a huge manufacturing complex.

Concrete epoxy coating is becoming a more popular alternative for finishing concrete surfaces because it creates a flawless, easy-to-clean, appealing, and cost-effective look.



Concrete epoxy flooring can give a variety of benefits for you, whether you manage a commercial garage, a warehouse, or an industrial facility. Epoxy solutions can also be beneficial in residential settings, making them a popular choice for family homes.

The word “concrete epoxy” conjures up images of strength. Our materials are long-lasting, low-maintenance, chemically resistant, and will keep you safe from slippage, severe surface heat, and other hazards.

However, concrete epoxy flooring is more than just functional. It also looks amazing in a variety of finishes, such as flake coatings, metallic appearances, and bright reflective designs like polished concrete. Epoxy flooring is also a more environmentally friendly option than many other types of flooring.


When you choose concrete epoxy flooring, you can create a variety of attractive, useful, and long-lasting surroundings.

Consider a trendy reflecting surface in your family kitchen, a flake coat by the pool, a metallic finish in your events or exhibition area, or a no-nonsense plain epoxy finish that will survive for years in commercial or industrial environments.

Simply contact Florux Epoxy Flooring and we will take care of the rest.


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