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At Florux Epoxy Flooring, we specialize in the art of turning ordinary concrete surfaces into breathtaking, enduring spaces. Our epoxy flooring and resurfacing solutions are meticulously crafted to elevate and safeguard a variety of environments, including residential garages, fitness centers, outdoor spaces, driveways, patios, and walkways.

The Science Behind Our Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring is more than just a surface; it’s a tough, plastic-like material formed by blending two-component resins and hardeners. This chemical alchemy results in a continuous, robust film coating available in various levels of gloss. The curing process involves cross-linking polymer chains, creating an epoxy floor that’s impervious to chemicals, oils, and daily wear and tear. Our epoxy coatings are installed with precision to shield against harsh chemicals, solvents, acids, and alkalis, ensuring the preservation of your concrete surface for years to come.

Versatility at its Finest

Epoxy flooring knows no bounds in terms of application. It gracefully fits into diverse settings, ranging from residential spaces like garages and patios to commercial areas such as factories, warehouses, food processing facilities, automotive shops, aviation hangars, and retail floors. Our epoxy flooring selection offers an array of colors, designs, and finishes, providing an economical solution that blends exceptional longevity and protection seamlessly.

Introducing Concrete Resurfacing

In addition to epoxy coatings, we proudly present concrete resurfacing solutions reminiscent of concrete, stencil-crete, or spraycrete. This decorative spray-on system involves an acrylic-polymer binder mixed with cement powder and sand aggregates. Following thorough surface preparation, our resurfacing compound is expertly applied in 2-4 coats, accommodating either a single-colored finish or intricate designs utilizing stencils, tapes, multi-color flecks, and various finishing techniques. To ensure lasting durability, two coats of clear sealer are applied, guarding against dirt, stains, and deterioration. This versatile system suits a range of applications, including driveways, pool surrounds, patios, and high-traffic outdoor areas.

Key Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Discover why Florux Epoxy Flooring stands as the ideal choice for your property or business:

  • Minimal Maintenance: Epoxy flooring demands little upkeep, making it one of the most hassle-free surfaces available.
  • Chemical Resilience: Our epoxy floors exhibit remarkable resistance to corrosive chemicals, abrasion, and bacteria, rendering them ideal for settings like commercial kitchens, garages, laboratories, and more.
  • Tailored Solutions: We customize epoxy floors to meet your specific requirements, ensuring they can endure varying temperatures, traffic conditions, and chemical exposure.
  • Swift Installation: Epoxy flooring can often be completed within a single night, minimizing business downtime and cost savings.
  • Anti-Slip Options: Our epoxy floors can be personalized for the slip resistance you need, employing top-quality materials for long-lasting results.
  • Repairs and Maintenance: We offer customized maintenance services to prolong the lifespan of existing epoxy floors, keeping them in impeccable condition.
Where Epoxy Flooring Shines in Forestville
  • Residential Properties: Ideal for garages, basements, sheds, man caves, hair salons, and driveways due to their non-slip, easy-to-clean, and reflective properties.
  • Commercial Kitchens & Breweries: Perfect for environments with high temperatures, heavy traffic, and demanding conditions.
  • Gyms and Sports Facilities: Ensures aesthetics, durability, and skid resistance for patron safety.
  • Warehouses and Factories: Safeguards concrete flooring from dust, chemicals, and heavy traffic.
  • Auto Repair Shops and Car Dealerships: Elevates the look of plain concrete floors while providing a clean, organized workspace.
Florux Epoxy Flooring

Our industrial-strength epoxy floor coatings bring numerous benefits beyond aesthetics, including enhanced safety, effortless maintenance, and a healthier work environment. We stand as a leading provider of premium epoxy flooring services in Forestville, New South Wales, and the surrounding region. Our seasoned technicians and top-grade materials guarantee that your workspace becomes cleaner, safer, and more appealing.

About Our Forestville-Wide Epoxy Flooring Services

As specialized contractors for resin flooring projects, we offer sturdy, functional, easy-to-maintain solutions. Our team is dedicated to building strong relationships with clients and industry partners to ensure the success of all our endeavors. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering top-tier services using the finest quality materials.

Epoxy Coatings Beyond Floors

Our epoxy coatings and flooring systems find application in diverse environments, including aircraft hangars, commercial kitchens, medical clinics, hospitals, supermarkets, parking structures, laboratories, factories, schools, driveways, and more.

Unveil the Transformative Power of Florux Epoxy Flooring. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the enduring beauty and strength of epoxy flooring.

residential epoxy flooring in sydney
residential epoxy flooring in sydney
residential epoxy flooring in sydney

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flooring services in sydney
flooring services in sydney
flooring services in sydney
flooring services in sydney


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